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Six Month Wedding Planning Checklist

6 Months Ahead
 Set a date
 Schedule temple time
 Determine a budget and how expenses will be shared
 Decide on a color scheme
 Select and reserve a place for reception
 Select wedding consultant
 Begin compiling guests lists (temple guests, wedding breakfast guests, reception guests)

5 Months Ahead
 Take engagement photos
 Select wedding gown, veil, and accessories
 Select attendants for bride and groom
 Select caterer and menu
 Arrange for photographer
 Book reception entertainment
 Arrange for wedding breakfast location

4 Months Ahead
 Determine sizes of bridesmaids and select dresses and accessories
 Arrange for florist
 Arrange for videographer
 Have dress altered and temple ready
 Arrange for necessary rental items
 Order invitations and thank you cards
 Begin shopping for trousseau
 Have mothers shop for their dresses
 Make arrangements for transportation

3 Months Ahead
 Finish compiling guest lists including addresses
 Plan accommodations for out-of-town guests
 Register for gifts
 Select groom's ring and order engraving
 Order favors
 Find a place to live
 Order cakes and candies
 Make doctor's appointments for complete physicals
 Make bride an OBGYN appointment for premarital examine
 Plan honeymoon and make arrangements (Get Passports, if necessary)

2 Months Ahead
 Arrange for health, auto, life, and renters insurance
 Ask people to help at reception (i.e. guest book, take gifts, etc.)
 Address invitations and announcements
 Have bridal portraits taken
 Arrange for tuxedos

1 Month Ahead
 Buy accessories such as cake knives and servers, garter, guest book, and pen
 Arrange for time off work
 Purchase gift for finance
 Make appointment with hairstylist (if doing own hair, practice with veil)
 Mail invitations
 Buy gifts for attendants
 Get marriage license (no sooner than 30 days in advance)
 Shop for furniture for new home
 Check newspaper for announcement deadline
 Write thank you's for gifts as soon as you receive them

2 Weeks Ahead
 Meet with photographer and videographer to discuss special shots you would like
 Provide reception entertainment with a list of music
 Double check reservations with florist, caterer, photographer, videographer, entertainment, and honeymoon accommodations

1 Week Ahead
 Plan seating arrangements, if used
 Change address with post office
 Pack for honeymoon
 Get manicure, pedicure
 Arrange for utilities, etc. for new home
 Groom's haircut
 Provide caterer with final guest count

On Your Wedding Day
 Don't forget breakfast
 Give yourself a lot of time to get ready
 Be sure to have rings and marriage license
 Take a fix-it kit with you (include safety pins, needle and thread, aspirin, bobby pins, breath mints, panty hose, makeup, etc.)